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Our Dads Rock!

On Wednesday, June 12th, students of our graduating class hosted a special Donuts with Dad event to celebrate Father’s Day. Students showed their dads how much they ROCK by singing special songs and creating projects with a Geology theme!

Graduates impressed their dads with their knowledge of Igneous, Sedimentary, and Metamorphic rocks and layers of the earth. After the show, Dads and grads enjoyed donuts and other treats while playing construction-themed games together!

At The Little School, our Dads truly ROCK and we are so thankful to have them in our Little School family!

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Circus Show 2019

We had an absolutely wonderful day at the annual Little School of Waldwick Circus! The weather was beautiful, the children excited and ready, and all of you wonderful parents, family and friends gathered under the big top to watch the magic unfold.

We had ringmasters, tight rope walkers, lion tamers, silly seals, dazzling dancers, acrobats and so much more! We loved sharing these wonderful preschool activities with you all and creating all these special memories together.

Below are some photo highlights from the day! Enjoy!

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Mother’s Day Tea Party 2019

On Friday, May 3rd, The Little School graduating class treated their mothers to an elegant brunch and performance.

Students sang songs filled with words of love for all their mothers to show their appreciation. Our students created special handmade hats and necklaces for the mommies to wear during the party. The walls were adorned with decorations made by the children, including a hand-drawn portrait of their mom! After their performance, students invited their mommy to sit while they served them muffins, fruit, cheese and crackers, and of course iced tea! A real treat for all of our hard-working, amazing Little School moms!

The Little School’s Director and educational staff strongly believe that there is an important connection between family and school, especially during the early years. As your child’s primary teacher and first educator, a parents role in their child’s early education is critical to their success!

Each year, we celebrate mothers at our Annual Mother’s Day Tea Party, a special event for students of our graduating class.

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Oh the places they’ll go!

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”

On Friday, students at The Little School celebrated the Birthday of Dr. Seuss!

We read some books, found words that rhyme. We ate Green Eggs and Ham, and had a marvelous time!

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100 Days of Fun and Learning!

Today, our preschool students, celebrated 100 days of Fun and Learning at The Little School of Waldwick! We walked around the building in 100 steps, jumped up and down 100 times, and even had a 100 shaped treat!

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February Fun Friday

Our Fun Friday was extra special last week when 3 of our alumni came in to volunteer! Former Little School of Waldwick student Panos Georgiades, now at Don Bosco High School, helped our students work on hand-eye coordination with a fun balloon game and exercises, while Second Graders Yashi and Sabina helped our students with math and even played Bingo! 

The fun continued outside with our sibling volunteer, Lily,  as we used watercolors to paint on the snow!

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Love is in the Air!

Students at The Little School of Waldwick celebrated love on Thursday for Valentine’s Day! Each friend brought in treats for their classmates and delivered them to each friend.

Heart painting, stamping, and crafting rounded out the day plus we enjoyed Pink Pancakes for lunch!

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Valentine Movie Night

Save the Date!
Don’t want to go out with the crowds on Valentine’s Day?
Go out Friday night instead and drop off the kids for
Valentine Movie Night!
5-9 pm 
Dinner, Games, Crafts, Movie, and more!
Come in your pajamas, invite your siblings and friends for the fun!
RSVP by calling us at 201-689-0034 by Tuesday Feb 12th

Wonderful Weather


The Little School of Waldwick students took advantage of the unusual but amazing February weather today! We had some fun in the sun on the playground.

We know this weather won’t last long, but we sure did enjoy it while it was here!

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February Fun











Groundhog Graphing


Today’s weather certainly made it seem like the groundhog’s prediction of Early Spring may be coming true!

Last week, Little School of Waldwick students practiced their math skills by graphing and learned the meaning of the word prediction! Students each took a turn putting their prediction on the graph for Groundhog Day.

We also learned about shadows and how they are made. In science, we practiced making shadows by shining a light and then putting an object in front of the light projecting a shadow.

Follow the link to all the fun photos from our Groundhog Graphing:

Groundhog Graphing

IMG_2788 IMG_2809 IMG_2778 IMG_2754