Our Curriculum

The Little School’s teachers direct and stimulate each child’s growing intellectual curiosity and encourage their never ending thirst for knowledge. In the process their motor, socialization and self expression skills are refined. The Little School’s diverse curriculum introduces young learners to a wide variety of daily activities that stress the importance of sharing, strengthen listening skills, and develop gross and fine motor skills.


Lessons are integrated and activity based and encompass the following:

  • science
  • cooking
  • free play
  • story time
  • computers
  • arts / crafts
  • language arts
  • mathematics
  • social studies
  • music / movement
  • drama / imaginative play
  • indoor / outdoor physical fitness
  • educational and entertaining field trips
  • and lots of FUN

The Little School teaching staff seeks to balance instructive play and constructive learning in a rewarding program that stresses spontaneity and individuality as much as group cooperation.