We feel so fortunate to have discovered the Little School of Waldwick. What an amazing place. Our daughter has been there for 2 years and we do not want her to graduate! It is such a creative environment with multiple, themed rooms which the children circulate throughout each day – and the teachers and director Maria S. make every child feel so special and loved. We especially like the half-day and full-day options which make it a great place for working and non-working parents alike. And the summer camp is fantastic!

Adrienne Schmitt

The Little School of Waldwick is a terrific school. The director, Ms. Marie is a wonderful person who is dedicated, caring and enthusiastic about creating a nuturing environment for children to learn and develop. The staff at the Little School are great with the kids. They are attentive and provide wonderful learning experiences. They offer many enrichment programs and fun activities for the kids to participate in. They make learning fun and exciting. My little boy is always so eager to go to school and learn. He is doing terrific and is well prepared for kindergarden come the fall. The Littel School is an exceptional school and I would recommend this school to anyone.


The Little School of Waldwick is the best nursery school out there. The director, Miss Maria does a super job with her program. Her children do all sorts of terrific projects as a group, like building a cave for polar bears while at the same time learning all about winter animals. She puts on grand show, like a circus at the end of the year and a mother’s day brunch. Once you walk into the school, you’ll see what I mean. It’s a spectacular place for kids. Love it.

Maryanne Rodriguez

Any parent would be lucky to find The Little School of Waldwick for their child. Having experienced another preschool with my oldest child (now at TLS) I now know that not all preschools are created equal. For my children, TLS has been an amazing environment — a day of flowing through theme-based classrooms leaves little room for toddler distractions and the children come away with real learning experiences that set a crucial foundation for the future. The teachers are incredibly caring, enthusiastic, and goal-driven; and director Maria Stavrou is a true thought-leader for education. My family is so grateful to The Little School and the impact it’s had on our children.


The Little School of Waldwick is truly a one of a kind experience! I walked into the little school a year ago and was blown away. I have never seen a nursery school quite like this. Every room in the school is based on a theme and I’m telling you the room set up, with large murals and designs, etc will take your breath away. It’s simply incredible! The education is top-notch. My child is 4 years old and will write 2 or 3 whole sentences by herself. She knows how to do basic math, she can read small words, and has an understanding of ALL subject areas. I can guarantee that my daughter will excel in Kindergarten because of what she learned in the little school. She looks forward to school everyday and truly has a love for learning. Mrs. Maria, the director, is an absolute pleasure to work with. She and her staff are extremely knowledgeable about each age group and are beyond willing to work with the parents and students as well. I would recommend this school to everyone and would certainly be a reference for anyone that is considering The Little School! It’s a MUST SEE school that’s for sure!

Genie M.

Small classes, bigger results should be the motto for The Little School of Waldwick as its nurturing atmosphere is perfect for children. With its exceptional staff, no child is forgotten while gaining the necessary confidence in becoming a valuable member of the society. Also, the children learn to work together and be productive. It’s a family atmosphere that teaches children firm values and invaluable skills that a child will take with them as they continue their education. Top notch!

David Segal

The little school has changed are lives in so many ways,I could not believe all the different things they do for my son. From spelling and reading(that’s right reading and he’ just turned five) to all the little shows the kids put on for us. He all ways tells me about his teachers and the fun things they do together. makes me wish I went to a school like this when I was five, But even better my son gets to. Thank you little school!!

Peter Alex danhart

The Little School is, by far, the BEST and ONLY place to have your child begin his/her school life. My 2 boys went there years ago – the formed their love of school and gained their sense of being and self-confidence. Through song and crafts and computers, they learned about “Voting” on Election Day, the “Mayflower” on Thanksgiving and “Hibernation” in the winter, just to name a few. Everything done at The Little School is done with a Pop and a Wow. Just walking inside, you take in the cleanliness, the “family” feel, the fun and the love. It’s like The Disneyland of schools. Go to other schools first. Then come to The Little School – you will feel like you are coming home. I still have every single craft made by my boys – they are my gifts from The Little School. I am eternally grateful.

Lisa T.

I agree the Little School is really “Bergen’s Best -Kept Secret”. This school is awesome, from the Mother’s Day Tea Party, Donuts With Dads(Father’s Day), the Circus Show, Movie Nights (1 night per month), Thanksgiving Show just to name a few. The teachers are very warm, loving and dedicated.The love and the attention that the children receive is wonderful. Go Little School!


The Little School of Waldwick is THE BEST KEPT SECRET!!! My kids wake up every morning and look forward to going to school. They teach our children while assessing and fulfilling individual needs to assure each student is successful. The teachers all work together to provide a positive, nurturing, clean and safe environment. They instill teamwork, self confidence and encourage individuality. This school is a DREAM!!! Thank you to Mrs. Maria and all the teachers! You are greatly appreciated and valued!!!

Eleni Rodas