The Little School Holiday Show 2015!

The Little School put on the annual holiday show which included a very special “It’s a Small World” theme, where our students wore native dress in celebration of cultures and religions from around the world. Our students also performed holiday classics and did their own impressive interpretations of ‘Magical Menorah Candles’, ‘Chorus of Christmas Trees’, ‘Kwanzaa Kinara Candles’, and our very own ‘Magnificent Manger Scene’, among many others. Even Santa joined us at the end of the performance to celebrate, take photos, and share gifts! What a special performance and afternoon it was.

Thank you for all who came to celebrate with us and a round of applause for our Little School performers who did such an amazing job!

Below is a collage, link to full holiday show album, and video. Enjoy it all and happy new year!


Here’s a link to the full Holiday Show Album

Here’s a link to the full Holiday Show Video

A very special thank you to Little School mom, Shaziya, who shot and produced our video!


Wishing you a safe, happy and prosperous new year!