Chinese New Year Celebration!

Today, students at The Little School received a special presentation on Chinese New Year from two wonderful Little School parents –  Louis and Michele Miao – parents of students Emma, Lin, and Luisa. China is one of many Asian nations to celebrate the new year with an elaborate festival. The beginning of a new year is a time to tidy the house, give gifts, buy new clothes, and hope for good luck in the upcoming year. Chinese New Year is the celebration of the new Lunar Year which occurs in January or February and lasts for 15 days.

Our students created red lanterns and Chinese dragons to symbolize good luck in the new year. Mr. and Mrs. Miao introduced our Little Schoolers to the animals in the Chinese Zodiac and the story of how they came to be chosen. The students even put on their own Chinese New Year Parade, complete with a dancing dragon!
During Chinese New Year, children often receive gifts of money in red envelopes. Each of the students received special gifts and red envelopes of chocolate coins at the generosity of the Miao family. Fun was had by all! A big thank you to the Miao family for helping to put on this great celebration!