The Little School Holiday Show 2015!

The Little School put on the annual holiday show which included a very special “It’s a Small World” theme, where our students wore native dress in celebration of cultures and religions from around the world. Our students also performed holiday classics and did their own impressive interpretations of ‘Magical Menorah Candles’, ‘Chorus of Christmas Trees’, ‘Kwanzaa Kinara Candles’, and our very own ‘Magnificent Manger Scene’, among many others. Even Santa joined us at the end of the performance to celebrate, take photos, and share gifts! What a special performance and afternoon it was.

Thank you for all who came to celebrate with us and a round of applause for our Little School performers who did such an amazing job!

Below is a collage, link to full holiday show album, and video. Enjoy it all and happy new year!


Here’s a link to the full Holiday Show Album

Here’s a link to the full Holiday Show Video

A very special thank you to Little School mom, Shaziya, who shot and produced our video!


Wishing you a safe, happy and prosperous new year!



Our Thanksgiving Show Album!

At the Little School last month, we had such a wonderful and meaningful Thanksgiving Show. Our students learned all about the history behind the very first Thanksgiving through lessons, crafts, and songs. They put on a spectacular performance and we are so grateful for them and for all of you.

Here’s a graphic we put together of our special day, and a link to see the full Thanksgiving Show album! Enjoy!THANKSGIVING2015

Link to more Thanksgiving Show photos!




Little School Parade & Spooktacular – The Complete Album

halloweenbanner (1)

The complete album from our annual Halloween Festival is here!  Enjoy!


halloween halloween2







The Little School’s Annual Halloween Parade and Spooktacular! (Part 1)

IMG_4987 - edited

Yesterday, Thursday, October 29th, our Little School students along with their family and friends celebrated our Annual Halloween Parade and Spooktacular!

We had the sweetest, spookiest parade of princesses, superheroes and even some gouls! Afterwards, our little ones performed a medley of super spooky songs, we then picked pumpkins from our very own Little School patch, decorated them, and had lunch together.

What a wonderful way to celebrate with our Little School family. Thank you to all who joined us!

Please enjoy the photos and videos below and have a safe and fun Halloween!



IMG_6606 - edited IMG_6599 - edited IMG_6597 - edited IMG_6592 - edited IMG_6589 - edited IMG_6555 - edited IMG_6550 - edited IMG_2978 IMG_2948

Celebrating Johnny Appleseed and the Fall Season!

What a wonderful back to school season it’s been so far!

We began our apple theme earlier this month with a lesson on legendary pioneer Johnny Chapman, who was born on September 26, 1774. Johnny was known to many as Johnny Appleseed, and was a pioneer who introduced apple trees to large parts of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and West Virginia. He became an American legend due to his kind and generous ways, and his leadership in conservation.

We celebrated Johnny’s birthday on Friday, September 25th with a ton of apple fun that included apple picking, tasting and graphing our favorite apples. We had lots of fun learning activities and singing about Johnny Appleseed!

Here are some photo highlights below!

Appleseed 1

Appleseed 2

Appleseed 3

Appleseed 4

Appleseed 5

Hope you enjoyed these photos!

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The Little School Circus 2015!

We had an absolutely wonderful day at the annual Little School Circus! The weather was beautiful, the children excited and ready, and all of you wonderful parents, family and friends gathered under the big top to watch the magic unfold.

We had ringmasters, tight rope walkers, lion tamers, silly seals, acrobats and so much more! We loved sharing this with you all and creating all these special memories together.

Below are some photo highlights from the day! Enjoy!



150528Circus_0003 150528Circus_0020 150528Circus_0033 150528Circus_0061 150528Circus_0088 150528Circus_0102 150528Circus_0106 150528Circus_0122 150528Circus_0155 150528Circus_0189 150528Circus_0200 150528Circus_0223 150528Circus_0250 150528Circus_0258 150528Circus_0269 150528Circus_0283 150528Circus_0316 150528Circus_0336 150528Circus_0382 150528Circus_0394 150528Circus_0414 150528Circus_0440 150528Circus_0453 150528Circus_0459 150528Circus_0499 150528Circus_0509 150528Circus_0587


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Little School Mother’s Day Tea Party!


unnamed copy

The Little School graduating class treated their mothers to an elegant brunch and performance.

They sang songs filled with words of love for all their mothers to show their appreciation. Our students created special handmade hats and necklaces for the mommies to wear during the party. The walls were adorned with decorations made by the children, including a hand-drawn portrait of their mom! After their performance, students invited their mommy to sit while they served them muffins, fruit, cheese and crackers, and of course iced tea! A real treat for all of our hard-working, amazing Little School moms!

The Little School’s Director and educational staff strongly believe that there is an important connection between family and school, especially during the early years. As your child’s primary teacher and first educator, a parents role in their child’s early education is critical to their success!

Each year, we celebrate mothers at our Annual Mother’s Day Tea Party, a special event for students of our graduating class.

Check out more photo selects below from our event!

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Annual Teddy Bear Picnic!

Hip Hip Hooray! What a beautiful spring day! Students at The Little School enjoyed a beary good time at their Teddy Bear Picnic today. Teddy bears finally emerged from their long winter nap to enjoy some beautiful sunshine and warmer weather. Each student placed their bear in our “Hibernation Cave” in January knowing that they would not be able to emerge until spring time. Everyone was so excited to welcome their little bears for a spring time snack!

photo10 photo11 photo2 photo3 photo4 photo5 photo6 photo8 photo9



Dental Week at The Little School!

The Little School of Waldwick had a very special visit during Dental Week! Ms. Carol, of West Ridgewood Dental Professionals, even brought along her dental dog, Molar, to join in on the fun! Students learned all about healthy habits to keep their teeth white and strong. They played dental health games, listened to a special story, and even got to brush Molar’s teeth! Ms. Carol, a Dental Hygeinist, was very impressed with how much we knew about our teeth! We even counted them with her!
A special thank you goes out to all the members of West Ridgewood Dental Professionals for sharing their time and fun-filled dental goodie bags for each of our students. Don’t forget to visit Dr. Austein at the dental office to keep your teeth clean and white!
photo photo3 photo5 photo7 photo8


Take a look, we’ve read some books!

Students at The Little School of Waldwick celebrated the birthday of Dr. Seuss with a pajama party and Green Eggs and Ham lunch! The day was filled with whimsical rhymes from Dr. Seuss books and striped cat hats! Students practiced rhyming words by constructing “word families” during language arts. Students even measured their own feet after reading Seuss’ The Foot Book. A great time was had by all. Wearing pajamas and tall hats – it was a ball!

TLS_DrSeuss_0414 copy TLS_DrSeuss_0392 copy TLS_DrSeuss_0355 copy TLS_DrSeuss_0320 copy TLS_DrSeuss_0291 copy TLS_DrSeuss_0287 copy TLS_DrSeuss_0265 copy TLS_DrSeuss_0249 copy TLS_DrSeuss_0225 copy TLS_DrSeuss_0202 copy TLS_DrSeuss_0177 copy TLS_DrSeuss_0161 copy (1) TLS_DrSeuss_0141 copy TLS_DrSeuss_0115 copy TLS_DrSeuss_0091 copy (1)

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