Annual Teddy Bear Picnic!

Hip Hip Hooray! What a beautiful spring day! Students at The Little School enjoyed a beary good time at their Teddy Bear Picnic today. Teddy bears finally emerged from their long winter nap to enjoy some beautiful sunshine and warmer weather. Each student placed their bear in our “Hibernation Cave” in January knowing that they would not be able to emerge until spring time. Everyone was so excited to welcome their little bears for a spring time snack!

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Dental Week at The Little School!

The Little School of Waldwick had a very special visit during Dental Week! Ms. Carol, of West Ridgewood Dental Professionals, even brought along her dental dog, Molar, to join in on the fun! Students learned all about healthy habits to keep their teeth white and strong. They played dental health games, listened to a special story, and even got to brush Molar’s teeth! Ms. Carol, a Dental Hygeinist, was very impressed with how much we knew about our teeth! We even counted them with her!
A special thank you goes out to all the members of West Ridgewood Dental Professionals for sharing their time and fun-filled dental goodie bags for each of our students. Don’t forget to visit Dr. Austein at the dental office to keep your teeth clean and white!
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Take a look, we’ve read some books!

Students at The Little School of Waldwick celebrated the birthday of Dr. Seuss with a pajama party and Green Eggs and Ham lunch! The day was filled with whimsical rhymes from Dr. Seuss books and striped cat hats! Students practiced rhyming words by constructing “word families” during language arts. Students even measured their own feet after reading Seuss’ The Foot Book. A great time was had by all. Wearing pajamas and tall hats – it was a ball!

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Snow Day – The Little School Closed 3/5

Following the Waldwick Public School system and surrounding towns, and in the interest of safety for our students and teachers, The Little School will be closed, Thursday, March 5th. We hope you all are able to enjoy the snow day safely at home.
Stay warm and safe!

Chinese New Year Celebration!

Today, students at The Little School received a special presentation on Chinese New Year from two wonderful Little School parents –  Louis and Michele Miao – parents of students Emma, Lin, and Luisa. China is one of many Asian nations to celebrate the new year with an elaborate festival. The beginning of a new year is a time to tidy the house, give gifts, buy new clothes, and hope for good luck in the upcoming year. Chinese New Year is the celebration of the new Lunar Year which occurs in January or February and lasts for 15 days.

Our students created red lanterns and Chinese dragons to symbolize good luck in the new year. Mr. and Mrs. Miao introduced our Little Schoolers to the animals in the Chinese Zodiac and the story of how they came to be chosen. The students even put on their own Chinese New Year Parade, complete with a dancing dragon!
During Chinese New Year, children often receive gifts of money in red envelopes. Each of the students received special gifts and red envelopes of chocolate coins at the generosity of the Miao family. Fun was had by all! A big thank you to the Miao family for helping to put on this great celebration!



Valentine’s Day Party!

Our Little School sweethearts had the best time at yesterday’s Valentine’s Day school party! We exchanged Valentines, played Valentine’s-themed games, sang love songs and learned a whole lot about the importance of love in all of our lives!

From our hearts to yours – we wish you a wonderful and loving Valentine’s Day!

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Our Little School Hibernation Project!

Brrrr! Our annual Little School Bear Hibernation Project is in full swing!

Our Little Schoolers said goodbye to their little bears for the winter. We learned and sang songs about hibernation and gave our stuffed animals big bear hugs before placing them in our homemade Little School Bear Cave!

Check back in the spring to see how the bears reappear for our annual spring Bear Picnic!


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TLS150123Bears_0058 TLS150123Bears_0056

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Snow Day – The Little School Closed 1/27

Following the Waldwick Public School system and surrounding towns, and in the interest of safety for our students and teachers, The Little School will be closed, Tuesday 1/27. We hope you all are able to enjoy the snow day safely at home. Please watch email over the next few days as the blizzard unfolds pending any further information regarding school delays or closures.
Stay warm and safe!

Best School Ever! Fall/Winter 2014 Photo Highlights!

Happy new year! We had such a wonderful fall and winter season at The Little School, that we gathered some photo highlights to share with you!

Learning and fun truly become one with our little ones and we are so looking forward to all that 2015 has in store for us!

September Collage




November Collage



If you’ d like to view more of our holiday photos, click this link.

To view more Thanksgiving photos, click this link.

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Little School Teacher Awarded “Teachers Who Rock” Award!

Congratulations to our Little School teacher and Managing Director, Anna Stavrou! Anna has been chosen as one of WDHA’s ‘Teachers Who Rock’ Class of 2015. Her story will be read live on the air this Friday, December 19th, 2015 on both 105.5FM WDHA and 1250 WMTR-AM around 9:20am. The ‘Teachers Who Rock’ program recognizes 24 outstanding teachers that receive this prestigious award.

We are all so proud of you, Anna! We know what a difference you’re making in children’s lives every day!

You can also hear Anna’s story this coming Friday morning (December 19th) online at

Anna stavrou
 Photo of Anna Stavrou