The Little School of Waldwick will be closed tomorrow, February 9th, due to the impending blizzard conditions. Stay warm and safe!


Holiday Show 2016!

The Little School put on the annual holiday show which included a very special “It’s a Small World” theme, where our students wore native dress in celebration of cultures and religions from around the world. Our students also performed holiday classics and did their own impressive interpretations of ‘Magical Menorah Candles’, ‘Chorus of Christmas Trees’, ‘Kwanzaa Kinara Candles’, and our very own ‘Magnificent Manger Scene’, among many others. Even Santa joined us at the end of the performance to celebrate, take photos, and share gifts! What a special performance and afternoon it was.

Thank you for all who came to celebrate with us and a round of applause for our Little School performers who did such an amazing job!

Below are the highlights of our special performance! Enjoy it all and happy new year!

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Thanksgiving Show 2016!

At the Little School, we had such a wonderful and meaningful Thanksgiving Show. Our students learned all about the history behind the very first Thanksgiving through lessons, crafts, and songs. They put on a spectacular performance and we are so grateful for them and for all of you.

Here’s are some highlights from our special performance, and a link to see the full Thanksgiving Show album! Enjoy!

IMG_7501 - edited IMG_7515 - edited IMG_7530 - edited IMG_7540 - edited IMG_7542 - edited IMG_7548 - edited IMG_7555 - edited IMG_7566 - edited (1)

IMG_7570 - edited


Election Day at The Little School!

The Little School students also participated in Election Day! Today they voted on their afternoon snack. Is it apples or bananas? After all ballots were cast – turns out the apples won by a landslide!

Students also used their math skills to graph and find the winner of our snack election! Democracy in action, folks!

image1 img_3138 img_3140 img_3150 img_3183



Halloween Festival at The Little School!


We had such a spooky spectacular Halloween Festival last week! From our annual costume parade, to pumpkin decorating, to spooky song singing, to brunch — a fun time was had by all! Take a peek, if you dare!

2016_10_28-halloween-parade-001-edited-1 2016_10_28-halloween-parade-004-edited 2016_10_28-halloween-parade-007-edited 2016_10_28-halloween-parade-014-edited 2016_10_28-halloween-parade-022-edited 2016_10_28-halloween-parade-029-edited 2016_10_28-halloween-parade-037-edited 2016_10_28-halloween-parade-040-edited 2016_10_28-halloween-parade-049-edited 2016_10_28-halloween-parade-051-edited 2016_10_28-halloween-parade-070-edited 2016_10_28-halloween-parade-079-edited

Happy November!





Pumpkin Patch at The Little School!


Our little pumpkins had an amazing time with some hands-on learning in the patch at The Little School this week.

Students were able to witness different stages of the pumpkin life cycle as we identified seeds, vines, leaves, baby green pumpkins, and mature orange pumpkins. We even found a few gourds and tomatoes in our patch! 

fullsizerender-26 fullsizerender-27 img_2511 img_2524 img_2531 img_2532 img_2553 img_2555




The Little Circus 2016!


We had an absolutely wonderful day at the annual Little School Circus! The weather was beautiful, the children excited and ready, and all of you wonderful parents, family and friends gathered under the big top to watch the magic unfold.

We had ringmasters, tight rope walkers, lion tamers, silly seals, dazzling dancers, acrobats and so much more! We loved sharing this with you all and creating all these special memories together.

Below are some photo highlights from the day! Enjoy!


PS – To view the full album and download photos, please click here.

01_littleschoolcircus (1) 02_littleschoolcircus 03_littleschoolcircus 04_littleschoolcircus 05_littleschoolcircus 07_littleschoolcircus 10_littleschoolcircus 11_littleschoolcircus 12_littleschoolcircus 13_littleschoolcircus 16_littleschoolcircus


17_littleschoolcircus 19_littleschoolcircus 20_littleschoolcircus 21_littleschoolcircus 22_littleschoolcircus 24_littleschoolcircus

PS – To view the full album and download photos, please click here.

Announcing Little School Summer Camp 2016!

Please join us for summer camp 2016!

We’re planning a summer filled with sun, fun, and lots of learning!

Camp Week Flyer 2016

To learn more, click here!





“Take a Look, We’ve Read Some Books!”

Oh, the places they’ll go!

Students at The Little School of Waldwick celebrated the birthday of Dr. Seuss with a pajama party and a delicious green eggs and ham lunch! Oh, and a quick tip: We didn’t use green food coloring to make the eggs green for our Little Schoolers. The eggs’ green color comes from puréed organic spinach!

Our fun day was filled with whimsical rhymes from Dr. Seuss books and striped cat hats! Students practiced rhyming words by constructing “word families” during language arts. Students even measured their own feet after reading Seuss’ The Foot Book. A great time was had by all. Wearing pajamas and tall hats – it was a ball!

anna drseussblog maggie

To view the entire album, please click here!

Happy day,




Winter Learnings: Teddy Bear Hibernation & Snow Art!

Students at The Little School are learning all about winter and hibernation! We asked our students to bring in a teddy, and together they put their little teddy friends into a cozy handmade hibernation cave. They will emerge this spring, just in time for The Little School annual teddy picnic, where students welcome back their little furry friends into the warmer weather.

Our little school students also explored snow art the Monday after the big blizzard! They spray painted snow mounds and made a mosaic of colorful, frosty art. They had such a blast!

hibernation snowfun

Stay warm out there,